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Whenever you use my stock
- Please credit in your artist comments to vallendesterstock
- Tell me after you did submit it by note or Devious Comments.

If you want to submit a piece of your artwork for print,
and it has one of my stock pieces in it please note me first before you submit it as a print.
(or ask first if your 100% sure your going to submit it as a print)

If you want to use my stock outside of DA
Send me a first vallendesterstock before you use it!
I will reply with more information and a no or yes on permission.

If you have used my stock outside of DA, and I dint give you my permission its called ripping!
(I will take action if I find out)

If you use a stock for manipulation, upload it in the category ´manipulations´
If you cant, its probity not manipulated enough.

When you use a stock image of mine, I always :+fav:  that piece

Thank you :heart: Wenny Senssen

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Submitted on
December 6, 2006